6 Best Free YouTube Downloaders in 2024 (MacOS & Windows)

 6 Best Free YouTube Downloaders in 2024 (MacOS & Windows)

You will all agree that YouTube is the best place to browse. When you want to unwind a little, what would you do? Browse Vlogs of internet celebrities on YouTube and watch enlightening videos on it. Since YouTube is almost connected to everything, it makes sense that you might feel the urge to download your preferred YouTube videos. But how?

This article has collected 6 of the best YouTube video downloaders for 2024 in detail, which might be helpful to you whether you use Windows or MacOS. Just buckle up and keep on reading!

TOP 1. VideoHunter YouTube Downloader (Best)

Supported Platforms:  Windows, MacOS

Your one-stop solution for downloading and converting high-quality YouTube video that’s up to 8K is VideoHunter YouTube Downloader. Thanks to its many cutting-edge features, it is one of the most efficient products available today.

VideoHunter YouTube Downloader works flawlessly on all web browsers and is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems. Although it includes several advanced features, they are relatively easy to use. With its support for batch downloads, video conversion, audio extraction, subtitle downloads, and more, you may simultaneously download or convert all of your preferred YouTube videos, playlists, or channels. Most importantly, the download process can be completed in a short time!

The feature-full video downloader is so functional that you can download videos blocked in your area thanks to its in-app proxy setup that bypasses YouTube’s regional restrictions.

YouTube Downloaders(1)

Pros: Cons:
• Provide high-quality videos of up to 8K resolution

• Support download of subtitles

• Compatible with Windows and Mac OS

• Support download of playlists, channels

• Support batch download

• 6X faster download speed

• Only three free downloads per day.


TOP 2. YTD Video Downloader (Windows only)

Supported Platforms: Windows

YTD Video Downloader might not be the most potent free video downloader, but it allows you to download YouTube clips, full-length videos, or even movies on your device. It also has some basic editing features that can meet your needs if you save videos to your local devices and utilize them as raw material for editing. You can keep your downloaded content high-quality, up to 4K forever. Sadly to mention is that it is only compatible with Windows right now!

YouTube Downloaders(2)

Pros: Cons:
• Grab videos from multiple streaming platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest

• Preserve high-quality video up to 8k

• Provide simple editing tools

• Slow download speed

• Only download a video each time


TOP 3. Any Video Converter Free

Supported Platforms:  Windows, MacOS

Any Video Converter Free is a combination of video converter, compressor, clipper, and video cropper. It allows you to easily download, convert, and edit videos. It can also convert YouTube videos into practically any format or resolution. Moreover, this YouTube downloader is compatible with Windows and MacOS operating systems.

It has bugs, though. Sometimes, the videos downloaded from the software appear with a blank screen, even though the interface indicates that the film is playing.

YouTube Downloaders(3)

Pros: Cons:
• Comprehensive free toolbox for video downloading, conversion, and editing

• User-friendly interface

• No batch downloads

• Bundled with extra software

TOP 4. aTube Catcher (Windows only)

Supported Platforms:  Windows

As one of the existing video downloading programs, aTube Catcher also supports downloading YouTube videos. It comes with an automated updater to ensure you are always running the most recent and working version of the program. You can choose an output quality of up to 4K to preserve video quality. In addition to downloading videos, other features include a screen recorder that lets you capture screen content and a CD-burning option to burn videos to discs. However, currently, the application is limited to Windows systems. Thus, Apple users may seek assistance from other tools such as VideoHunter.

YouTube Downloaders(4)

Pros: Cons:
• Support various output format

• Update automatically

• Support download of videos from multiple streaming platforms

• Hard-to-use interface

• Bundled with extra software

• Only download a video each time

• Slow download speed

TOP 5. ClipGrab (Windows only)

Supported Platforms:  Windows

Another free video downloader that supports numerous streaming services, including Facebook, Vimeo, and YouTube, is ClipGrab. It has a built-in search engine that makes it simple and quick to locate the video to download without opening your browser. It also has a unique feature of clipboard monitoring when you intend to download a large number of videos. Additionally, it comes with a special feature that checks your clipboard.

ClipGrab will download a video automatically when you copy its link to the clipboard, sparing you the hassle of constantly switching between programs. The only video quality options available are 144p and 720p, sometimes insufficient if you seek higher output quality.

YouTube Downloaders(5)

Pros: Cons:
• Provide a built-in search function

• Automatically paste clipboard contents.



• Video output resolution only supports up to 720p

• Have a lot of ads

• Only download a video each time

• Slow download speed

TOP 6. SaveFrom

Supported Platforms: All

SaveFrom is an online video downloader that works with any device with an operating system. It allows you to download video clips from websites like YouTube and saves you the trouble of installing and opening any software. It provides multiple video output quality based on the original upload. You can save the video in the same resolution as the video owner has published.

Although there is no need to register, and the downloader is free to use, it does have many advertisements that may cause you problems. Please be aware that owing to copyright and legal concerns, SaveFrom has been no longer accessible in the United States since 2020.

YouTube Downloaders(6)


Pros: Cons:
• Easy to use

• Support download of videos from multiple streaming platforms

• Only download one video each time

• Have a lot of ads


Final Verdict

A comparison table is provided to help you make clear the distinct features of the 6 products.

Supported system Download speed Output quality
VideoHunter YouTube Downloader Window, MacOS 6X faster Up to 8K
YTD Video Downloader Windows only Slow Up to 4K
Any Video Converter Free Window, MacOS 1X Up to 4K
aTube Catcher Windows only Slow Up to 4K
ClipGrab Windows only Slow Up to 720p
SaveFrom As long as the device has an OS 1X Up to 4K


This article provides the six best and most up-to-date YouTube downloaders for Windows or MacOS users in 2024. We find VideoHunter YouTube Downloader the best since it has customized output quality, fast download speed, and is compatible with both Windows and MacOS. Above all, its stable performance guarantees a smooth and successful download experience. It outperforms other downloaders like YTD Video Downloader, ClipGrab, and aTube Catcher in that it supports batch download, while the others don’t.

Come on, get the downloader you find most helpful right now!



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