Michael Bublé says he was 'lied' to. Then why do people think he still got trolled by Justin Bieber?

Michael Bublé says he was 'lied' to. Then why do people think he still got trolled by Justin Bieber?

It started with Bublé revealing the reason for his energetic performance during the NHL All-Star draft on Thursday

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It wasn’t just the most skilled hockey players on earth that had people buzzing at the NHL All-Star game in Toronto on Saturday.

Canadian singer and celebrity captain Michael Bublé grabbed headlines by speaking about his energetic performance during the All-Star draft on Thursday night, revealing he had taken psychedelic mushrooms beforehand.

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Bublé pointed to fungi as the reason for his exuberance.

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“My buddy told me this is just a microdose of mushrooms and he was lying,” Bublé said at a press conference. “So I’ll be honest, I thought I was in Blades of Glory for most of the time that I was out there until it sort of settled down. And then I realized holy shit, I am at the NHL All-Star game.”

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Flanked by actor Will Arnett, another celebrity captain, during the press conference, Arnett quipped that the Burnaby crooner may have jeopardized his endorsement deals with his statement.

“The mushroom talk lost me all of my contracts,” Bublé said, playing off Arnett’s comments. Bublé has acted as a pitchman for brands like Bubly sparkling water, Subway and Hudson’s Bay.

Bublé later attempted to walk back the statement in an interaction with a fan on his Instagram account over the weekend. When asked ‘how were the shrooms?’ Bublé responded “20 years and people still don’t get my humor. I just keep rolling. lol”

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The five-time Grammy award winner also deflected when asked about the incident in an interview with iHeart Radio Canada.

“Have the mushrooms worn off?” a reporter asked, to which Bublé responded, “What mushrooms? Do you have mushrooms? Is that what you’re saying?”

Justin Bieber, another celebrity captain, also seemed to poke fun at Bublé, according to people on social media. He showed up to the game in a red polka-dot mohair puffer jacket from Marni that viewers quickly deemed reminiscent of Super Mario mushrooms.

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“What’s with the mushroom theme this weekend?” one post on X asked.

Bieber, who co-designed this year’s All-Star Game jerseys, later shed the coat to take to the ice for the pre-game warm-ups.

Mic-ed up for the occasion, the 29-year-old musician could be heard telling NHLers, “This is a dream,” as he skated.

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Psilocybin, the psychoactive compound in magic mushrooms, remains illegal, though Canadians can apply to the federal government for medical access.

Despite its illegality, mushroom dispensaries have proliferated in recent years in cities like Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

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