Edinburg family struggles to make ends meet with recent passing of father

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Jerry Limon,12, stands beside his mother Guadalupe at their home on Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2023, in Edinburg. Jerry was very close to his father and misses him very much. (Delcia Lopez | [email protected])

EDINBURG — With the sudden passing of Juan Carlos, the head of the household, the Limon family is struggling to adjust to the new life without their beloved father and husband.

Guadalupe Limon, his wife, said in Spanish that the whole situation was shocking and unexpected since he was overall a healthy individual.

With Juan Carlos being the sole breadwinner, the Limon family is having a hard time paying bills on top of dealing with several repairs needed to the house and to their major appliances.

The family consists of Guadalupe, 35, and her children, Danna, 18, Jaqueline, 15, Ashley, 13, Jerry, 12, and Kevin, 10.

Guadalupe said it has been a very difficult time for her family, especially with the younger children, but she has to be strong for them during this hard time.

Emotionally recounting the events of that tragic day, it is something no parent wants to tell their children.

Juan Carlos recently having surgery on his eye started having complications with his health upon returning home. Guadalupe said in the middle of the night, he started coughing and vomiting which is when they decided to go to the hospital.

Staying up all night beside her husband at the hospital, Juan Carlos had to get intubated. With the doctors trying to resuscitate Juan Carlos, they told Guadalupe after the third try that they could no longer help him and he died from a heart attack in early September.

Having to take medication to control herself upon learning about her husband’s death, later that afternoon with the help of her sisters, arrived at the house with all five children waiting for the tragic news.

Jerry Limon, 12, checks his pups outside his home on Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2023, in Edinburg. (Delcia Lopez | [email protected])

With all of her children sobbing upon hearing the news that their father passed, she takes a minute to catch herself from fully crying and recalls Jaqueline asking her in Spanish, “Tell me it’s not true mami.”

Describing her dad as the most humble and caring person, Jaqueline said her dad was a hardworking man that always thought about the family and others before himself.

“It was so hard, it felt like a piece of me was ripped out,” she said.

Also describing him as a very social person wherever he went, she said his funeral was packed with people from all over the community.

Jerry, the oldest son, described him as the best dad ever and said he would always support him in every sport he did.

“When I first tackled someone, he would tell me ‘You did a good job, I’m proud of you,’ and I kept doing it,” he said. “And now that soccer (season) came, it doesn’t feel the same because he’s not supporting me.”

With the family all attending therapy to help cope with the loss, Guadalupe’s family visits them on a weekly basis to help them with food and morale.

To help bring some Christmas cheer to her younger siblings, Jaqueline and her mother took it upon themselves to put up lights.

Ashley Limon, 13, glances over to the altar of her father on Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2023, in Edinburg. (Delcia Lopez | [email protected])

Struggling and falling behind on rent and bills, Guadalupe said the number one need at the moment is financial assistance. Having to stay home for the children, Danna is the only one currently working.

The second biggest need is the need for repairs in the house and to their refrigerators and electric stove.

The house has several leaks in the roof which is currently impacting several rooms in the home.

The refrigerator is barely in working condition, with an issue keeping food cold and it also leaks water.

The stove only has one working burner which is an issue with trying to feed the family.

The family does have a washer, but does not currently have a dryer.

With Christmas and winter right around the corner, the Limon family would greatly appreciate blankets, jackets, shirts, pants and shoes to help during these hard times.

To help, call the United Way of South Texas at (956) 686-6331 and inquire about this family and the Spirit of Christmas campaign. The Monitor has partnered with the United Way of South Texas to garner support for Rio Grande Valley families in need of monetary donations, or other items and gifts specified in this story.

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