Death Stranding 2: What We Know So Far

Death Stranding 2: What We Know So Far

 It is a worthwhile wait for the sequel of the much popular PS4 game, Death Stranding 2. The same was announced at the Game Awards 2022, namely that the game was in the development stage. Hideo Kojima made the announcement himself, hinting at what we might anticipate. The original version of the Death Stranding was very complex. As such, most people already harbor the question of how complex the upcoming sequel will be.

As far as the Death Stranding 2 release date is concerned, it might launch in 2025. A window time of 2024/2025 has been decided upon. So, you will not see this game among the top games 2023. In the following paragraphs, we will learn more about Death Stranding 2.

Kojima Rethinks the Concept of ‘Strand’

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced Kojima to rethink the meaning of strand. According to Kojima, the meaning of the strand changed following the COVID-19 pandemic, so the meaning of the strand in Death Stranding 2 has also changed.

While speaking at an interview for the Japanese outlet Music Natalie with J-Pop idol Nochhi, Kojima hinted at the Death Stranding 2 development.

The developer also said that it realized the pseudo-connection was inadequate for achieving fulfillment like humans. The developer felt that humans must come to the outer world and move. Kojima also said that two processes are always in flux or ongoing: fragmentation and isolation. Also, there has been a dramatic change in this world. Since the ability to return to the world is no longer the same, the idea of ‘strand’ is changing in the sequel.

Death Stranding 2 platforms

The title has been confirmed, but the production house has yet to ensure whether it will come to the other platforms, although it is slated to come on PS5.

When Death Stranding was introduced in 2019, it was exclusively on PS4. Later, the publisher 505 Games assisted in bringing Death Stranding to PCs in 2020. As such, the sequel is likely being developed as an exclusive for PS5. However, there is still a chance that it will come to the PC in due course, given how Sony will continue to invest in the area outside its PlayStation ecosystem.

The Trailer

Kojima Productions gave an insight into the trailer at The Game Awards 2022. The teaser or trailer lasted about 4 minutes; however, there was no direct gameplay.

However, this 4-minute insight was enough to hint at how the world and the characters changed after Sam Porter Bridges removed his cuff links and cut off ties with Bridges Corporation. Only time will all about Death Stranding 2.

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